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touring & live 

Select Touring FOH Credits:

Ty Walker & The Humanoids | Josh Langston Band | Nate Burnham

Select Live FOH Credits:

Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs | Eddie 9v | Boundaries | The Huser Brothers | Emily Nenni | Omerta | The Last Revel |Vincent Neil Emerson | Blistered Earth

Josh Langston,

This is the best I've ever sounded.

Sean Lynch, 1111 Presents

You killed the mix. It sounded amazing!

Ryan Rebo, Ty Walker & The Humanoids

I was told it was outstanding. The vocals were dialed.

Nate Burnham,

We've never sounded better, everything you did for us was perfect.

Lindsey Richardson, 
Events Director

I've had so many compliments! This is the best sounding show we've had in the last 5!

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