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Writing, The Mind, and 2012

My 2012 opportunity is not simply finishing and distributing Half Devil Half Child, but also actively developing fiction features for the faith-based marketplace. When something further happens on this end, I’ll dedicate a blog post to what’s up there. But is starts with writing.

I used to write. A lot. I started writing short stories and novels in Jr. High and continued through high school. I even had a poem published in one of those coffee table anthologies after I entered it in a contest. In high school I also started writing music quite a bit. By the time I finished college, I’d written more original pieces than I could count and performed more than 40 of them. Due to the music, my fiction writing became non-existent. Then real-life hit and I stopped both things altogether and entered the daily commute with millions of others.

My wife plays Sudoku every night before she goes to bed. She loves it. She also likes to say that it keeps her brain going. In Unbroken, Louis and Phil kept their mental wits about them during their 47 days adrift in a boat by talking about their histories down to the finest details. I think the majority of elderly folks in my family with sharp mental capacity that would belie their physical age actively do something akin to these mental workouts regularly.

I discovered this past year as I started to write music again, that I couldn’t retain my focus, I ran out of things to say, couldn’t find words etc. This was something I never had issue with in my prior writing days. My friend and I sat down for about four hours to work through a story idea and I found myself mentally exhausted. I attribute this to seven years of complete lack of practice. I do enjoy it, but can’t do it for very long before I find myself wanting a nap. I used to be able to write for hours on end.

Last year, I remember saying to myself that I was going read more and be on the computer less. This year I think I’m going to do almost the opposite. But my time on the computer will focus on writing. I enjoy it very much but since college I felt like I wasn’t being productive when I spent time writing. Well, now that I have opportunities to make money with it, things change. But more importantly, it’ll put my mind back to work in a way that it has since atrophied. Maybe I’ll live longer too and have more entertaining ramblings to pass on to my son who’s imagination will no doubt far exceed mine in its current state.

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