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With CC, Premier Is Finally Great

I’ve spent tlast week and the better part of the week prior posting the first episode of Dead Reckoning, season 2. Namely because I was learning my way around CC. This season marks quite a change for now, we’re formatted as a web TV talk show. Consequently, we’re filming and posting four 10-20 minute vids each week which constitute a single episode. And my work has led me to a single conclusion about Adobe CC: it’s awesome. To follow that up, Premiere CC is finally everything I’ve always wanted it to be. Here’s why in 4 reasons:

  1. Multicam with audio sync. This feature seems to have been completely rearranged for CC. It’s now wildly easy to sync up multiple assets. In my case, 2 separate audio sources and two cameras. You can sync them using audio (just like Plural Eyes). So for the record, that’s 4 streams of audio and 2 cameras. There are some odd things going on with audio source and outputting once things are sync’d that I’ve yet to figure out- but it works successfully, accurately and without headache or frustration (workflow notes coming in a separate post).

  1. Flatten. This single feature allows me to EASILY go between Premiere and Resolve (or any other app for that matter) because when you select it after your timeline edit, you essentially de-nest your mulitcam timeline. Same thing you do did in Avid but in a single step vs. multiple (at least last version I used).

  1. Audition (loosely related to Premiere). I ran into some odd sync issues when going to Nuendo 6 via OMF. While I could work around them, it was a bit obnoxious to even have to deal with. So on a whim I decided to see about improvements with Audition. Not only can I use all my Universal Audio Apollo Duo DSP plugins (which are processed via the Duo!) but it’s actually FASTER to go between Premiere and Audition vs. Premiere and Nuendo.

  1. EuCon!!! I can use my Euphonix panels (pre Avid) to mix, shuttle, edit and other things.

Now if October’s update included Euphonix control in Speedgrade, I’d never leave adobe 😛

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