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Why You Need Color Correction

I’m not shy about the fact that the coloring process in filmmaking is by FAR what I’d choose to do over anything else. It’s an art. Sometimes you’re doing it for a client, making a hazy day look like sunset or an overcast day look like a sunny beach. Or, you’re doing it for yourself crafting your footage to your taste. While I have no aversion to working with clients, I’m in the fortunate position to be able to craft the color for myself.

I’m working on another short for a the non-profit  and up until now, the series has been in front of the green screen. So I wanted a grade that looked a bit stylized yet natural. Something that could fit in with the other composited shorts. This is what I settled on for the look:

Original Shot

The Standard Look

Original Accent Shot

The Accent Look

So grade your stuff. It’ll look better. I almost spend more time grading than I do editing these short pieces. (that’s probably because I have to jump through all sorts of hoops to grade sections of a shot appropriately- for instance, notice the nose…to bright for me, but I’d have to create another mask and it didn’t bother me THAT much).

After Effects CS5 Color Finesse 3 A few masks and my trusty Kensington trackball


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