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Why I Would Keep Twitter and Drop All Other Social Media

I would even drop Facebook. Here’s why:

Twitter is where I meet new people. People in my industry, people I discuss with, bounce stuff off of, converse with and engage. Out of the 79 people I actively engage with on Twitter, ALL of them are new relationships. Yes, I said relationships. I would venture to guess that most of the people I engage with wouldn’t mind meeting up for drinks, talking shop, swapping stories, sharing tips etc.

No other social medium has enabled to me to meet so many NEW people in my industry. This is particularly appealing to me because I am able to have peer review and engage in a way with folks of my profession that would not be possible otherwise. This is the same reason I appreciate Vimeo over Youtube; it caters to the professional.

Facebook is a time waster. Does it really keep me in touch with friends and family? Not really. It’s become a substitue for a much more valuable phone call, or even *personal* email. (remember the debate over impersonal email vs. personal snail mail?). Facebook is more or less a giant, oversized, information rich black book. All the friends I’ve ever had or ever known (that I truely want to keep in touch with), I can contact. I have their email, instant note-dropping, etc. I can safely say though that while I appreciate having instant access to all my cool friends, it has not enabled me to grow professionaly, grow closer to any particular person, or really enabled any form of meaningful connection.

Other social media is mainly convenient: Flickr allows me to post easily to my blog from my phone. Youtube and Vimeo allow me to share my video content with out me hosting and taking up bandwidth. LinkedIn? That’s not done anything for me, save simply being a living resume I guess. Digg is something to do when I read stuff around the web, De.lic.ious keeps track off all the stuff I read that I want to hang on to but isn’t localized to a particular machine. Friendfeed? I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet…if anything.

So those are my thoughts. Twitter is actually valuable, Facebook is a time waster, and all others are a matter of convenience.



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