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Why I’m not Taking my Mac Overseas Ever Again.

I called Apple yesterday and explained that I have a functional case issue preventing me from properly using my power supply on my Macbook Pro. I talked to five people, two of them in management. Today, they denied my request.

Let’s do that math: 1 Macbook Pro @we’re not going to go there, 1 Apple Care Protection @$300 (or therabouts), 1 separate insurance policy to cover damages incurred during normal use in the field around the world @I’m not sure, but something (through work).

Total cost for repair through Apple: $629. Total out of pocket w/ insurance- $500 deductible.

Now let’s just say this was a PC- HP (my preferred vendor) and Dell both offer “Accidental Protection Policies.” I checked today and you can get up to 3,4 years for about $250. I’ve used my Dell one before. They replaced my machine when I spilled coffee on it while computing in bed. No questions. Bam, here’s a new machine- policy still in place.

This is why for my next international trip, I’m going to bring a PC. It’ll cost me less and if it breaks, dies, or otherwise has issues, I can get it insured and replaced for WAY less money. I’m not an Apple fan boy. I think both systems are strong. I prefer the issue-free and smoothness of OSX- but not at this kind of price.

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