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Who I Am and What I Do

I have that little ‘about me’ box on the side, but it doesn’t say much. So I thought I’d outline what I do and the typical tools I use. Tech geeks always like to know what gear’s being used and other curious types like to simply wonder what’s going on. I’m both.

One of the goals of this blog is to simply record notes and thoughts of and about doing media in a non-profit/ministry capacity. Mostly the daily of various productions I’m working on so this could be off and on. This world is a different beast and I want to capture that mainly for my own posterity I think.

The Work

I work full time for the non-profit organization Peacemaker Ministries. For them, my primary responsibility is production. I’m a one stop shop. Audio, Video, Web, Print, Design, PR, Communications, Marketing etc. I work under our Director of Marketing and Communications to fulfill our various commitments. Keeps me rather busy.

I also do freelance work of various types:

  1. audio production

  2. voice work

  3. video and motion graphics

  4. design work.

Clients have included Backpacking Light Magazine, ESPN Radio, Pear Tree Music and The Asian Crescent Partnership among many others. I’ve also produced a couple HD pilots just for kicks…and more bills.

Life is good and I enjoy what I do. I like being able to cut my teeth on a variety of projects and types. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and plan to start my Master’s degree this year in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics. I’ve got over ten years of experience between audio and video production but only now finally feel I have any sort of skill at them 😉

The Tools

I use a variety of tools:

  1. Adobe CS3 Production and Design Premium

  2. Macintosh computers.

  3. Nuendo 4 (as well as Cubase)

Gear includes:

  1. KRK and Mackie Monitors

  2. Blue, Audio-Technica, and Shure Microphones

  3. Sony HVR-Z7U camera

  4. RME and Presonus D/A converters

  5. A large variety of other support equipment.

Because most things are on a budget, I attempt to do my very best with what I have like any good indie producer.


Currently, I produce HD for the web and Peacemaker Ministries (hereby known as PM) DVD resources on SD. Most of my audio work is done for video post or upcoming MP3 downloads. I post all our videos to Vimeo (almighty web gods of video sharing).

We have print, design and layout work coming out our ears, brochures, banners, web, guides, products etc. A lot of our in-house production work has only just started and has up until now usually been contracted out of house. PM still contracts some depending on various circumstances.

For the geeks out there, I record HDV, convert via Mpeg Streamclip to DNxHD, edit in Premier, do all my transitions and color in AE and export to h.264. CS3’s got a good workflow going on. For the record, I like FCP just fine, I just ended up with Adobe and I’m content. It’s gets the job done.

That said, I don’t think I have anything more to add. Hope to see you on Twitter or FB or something.

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