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When Is Good Enough with An Impossible Standard?

I was just reading an article about The Low-Budget Movie Phenomenon, and it addressed a few things about this movie and that movie and what-not.  But I got to thinking about the impact Hollywood and it’s standard of movie production with numbers in the billions and marketing out the waa-zoo. I recall the dramatic and documentary productions I worked on for this teaching resource or the that international work. There is no way we can get the budget to produce a film with the level of perfection and precision that comes out of Hollywood. Films that even our non-profit audiences are familiar with and know. Films that get compared to the measly production we are able to put out. Ours are good films but never-the-less come up short in comparison.

So the question I pose to you and myself, what’s the basis for your standard of good enough when you know they expect Hollywood, but you can’t deliver?


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