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What In the World Am I Doing?

My tech-talk has severely scaled down and I’ve made a trip to New York, Portland, and Nashville already this year. What the heck am I doing? I’m researching, investigating and developing I think. Working in the big studio system was never on my radar and I’ve dabbled in network television before. However, and without seeking it out I might add, I’ve been connected with a couple major studio execs. I always have ideas in various stages floating around my studio and know people with projects that I believe said studios would benefit from so I thought I’d seriously look at trying to make these connections happen.

I have one treatment in with Sony Pictures while we finish the screenplay and another heading that way shortly. I have three more treatments being written and I’m working with a production company out of New York to develop a new reality show we’ll be pitching to Viacom (or Scripps if they don’t want it). Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting the head of a private investment group with a dedicated division that specifically acquires and finances films under $30M.

Right now, I’m flying to Nashville to attend Film-Com, they are a state sponsored, acquisitions and distribution conference. Yes, I know it’s NAB week but there is a little one afternoon panel called the Faith In Film conference. Why fly down for a single afternoon? Well, if there are execs at the major studios in charge of faith-based acquisitions and distribution, they are going to be at this conference. Yeah, they’ll likely be at others such as AFM, but this seemed like a less-noisy venue more conducive for networking and discussions beyond 15 second pitches.

This certainly isn’t easy work but it is where my particular path is leading me since I left the NGO. The path could very well go nowhere though. Thousands of relationships and connections are made and even more projects pitched and written every year. But unless you research, calculate, and understand the risks involved (even such minor ones as how to spend time and money), you won’t know if attempting to be one of the relationships made or projects pitched is a worthwhile endeavor. This trip is research and my hope for this trip is that I come away moving even more confidently down the path, or I pursue other things.

So we’ll see what happens. I love meeting new people and doing the whole connection thing so that part is always fun even if nothing results. Until then, Half Devil Half Child is still in the throes of subtitle work before I can get the first cut out to initial review audiences. I say this every week but, it’ll be next week, I swear. I have to reign in my over-optimism sometimes. And next month, I’ll be in New York again.

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