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What Does the Internet Say About You?

1st Question: When someone is looking at hiring you, where do they go? Answer: Google.

2nd question: What do they find? Answer: 1. Anything either from your or about you that’s floating around on the internet 2. Everything YOU put up there and were deliberate about placing.

Example 1: A friend on Twitter was hired by an LA production company for some VH1 stuff because they liked what they saw of him on Twitter.

Example 2: Google my name for fun. I have almost the entire first page of Google. That’s a GOOD thing because I am in control of what people find about me.

That naturally means your content and interactions on the web say something about you. But what do they say? Are you inflammatory on the boards? Sarcastic and rude on your blog? Antagonistic on Twitter and in comments? All those things say something about how you interact with people and WILL be a determining factor in whether or not someone chooses to work with you.

Conclusion: Make sure that when someone Google’s you, they find what YOU put there, not what someone else puts up about you or for you. But that also means getting involved on forums and social media so the first thing that comes up when someone types in “Your Name” is a page full of vids, comments, blog posts, forum tags, pictures, articles, links and stuff that YOU contributed.

The level of activity is up to you. But if you’re regularly pitching your services to potential clients, get some level of activity going because we’re going to find what’s out there about you. We’re not looking for perfection, we’re looking to know everything we can about what you’re like in the flesh.


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