• Jay

Weekend Inspiration

Same scene, different stories:

The overhead street lamps cast a dim, yellow glow at regular intervals on the road. Intervals that flew by faster than the driver would have liked. He handled his brown, late-model Ford with an intensity not fitting for for the quiet produce grocer he was. But not all grocers have bleeding bodies in the backseat…
The brown, late-model Ford flew by dilapidated buildings, ignoring stop signs and the dark city’s traffic regulations. The driver slumped over the steering wheel, the gunshots still ringing in his ears…
He couldn’t see much except for the flashing, dim, yellow washes of light as they passed over the hood of his brown, late-model Ford and darted up the windshield. It hurt. Bad. His eyes were blurry, his awareness hampered. The shock of how quickly it everything went south almost paralyzed him…

Inspiring things that run through my head randomly. Go make something.


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