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So I’m currently in the process of putting together our 2009 Conference website this year…without code. I do know some code. I know enough to really screw up formatting and then fix it again, but beyond that, not much. It gives me a headache for the most part.

I’ve done a few websites already; a now defunct website: Fuzzy Dog Studios, a current website: Pear Tree Music and then there’s my old blog: Extant:Reanimation. For the 2009 Conference until I get the site up, I threw up this splash page: Peacemaker Conference. Notice a theme with all of them except the last one? Yup, blog software; specifically: Nucleus. I love Nucleus. It’s fun easy to use, but not really practical for all projects.

Our current CMS/CSM software: Kintera takes care of the Peacemaker website. It’s not the easiest to use. For the conference website though, I’m using Dreamweaver. Somewhat intuitive for a designer like myself, but I can still go in and tweak code. I’m pretty excited because it finally clicked with me on Friday after sitting in front of the tutorials most of the day. That said, I’ve got the template and layout pretty much done. I need to do some formatting and start plugging in the content. I hope to have something really workable up in January.

The other web resource I’m working is our downloads. One area that the organization wants to boost right now is our online media resources. We’re starting with our CE audio material. This is material that’s good for continuning education for Certified Christian Conciliators and candidates; a program operated by the Institute for Christian Conciliation a division of Peacemaker Ministries.

I think we have roughly 100 or so audio workshops and teaching session that need to be uploaded. Some will be a nominal charge to download and many will be free. So that’s the current web projects I’m working on. I’m not really terribly enthusiastic about it so I’m not sure how much I’ll write about it.


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