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Voice Acting is a bit like judo

I threw for gold in this tournament.

I've been struggling a bit with non-direct marketing. You know, the more public stuff like social media and this blog. Consequently, I haven't written much. My market only want to know if I've got the sound they want and the chops to pull it off. Or so I tell myself. But whatever. I'm just gonna roll with it.

I bit off way more than I was expecting on chewing when I thought I'd kick the tires on switching a career to voice over, er...voice acting. I've been behind a mic or in front of a camera almost as much as in the background (like almost 20 years now). I didn't think it'd be easy but I also didn't expect it to be so...I don't know, deep maybe?

I knew I had chops but got some coaching at the get-go which was huge. Love my coaches. But there's this, thing that when you listen back you're like (and they're like), "nope." It's when you see or hear a bad actor. You just know. There was just something there, or not there as the case may be. How do you change that?

That's where the judo analogy comes in for me. I started judo maybe two years a go. When I started, I couldn't do much of anything, let along a flying forward breakfall (think parkour) or a proper Ippon Seo Nagi (a basic throw). Come to think of it, I still can't really do a proper Seo Nagi but I'm A LOT closer now after doing it for two years and even pulled it off a couple times ! I can also tumble and roll with the best of them.

You don't just step out on the mat and throw a killer Uchi Mata. And like judo, you don't just get behind the mic and sound perfect. So how does it change? I'm looking at it like judo, do it every day and eventually, you get better. I think one day, I'll look back and go, "wow, how did I do that?"


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