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Vlog: Manila

The first stop of my 3 country trip to do some documentary work! The video is embedded below. I’m flying to KL tomorrow afternoon so I won’t be updating again for a few days probably. Hope you enjoy this one.

I think I also finally kicked the whole jet lag thing. For the last two nights, I’ve been hitting a wall at 7:30pm. Kind of obnoxious…annoying really. Tonight’s the first night I made it! WOOT! Bout time and I really got to enjoy Manila a bit more today. This city is a trip. I can definitely see the appeal.

I spent yesterday transcoding and editing. Several crashes. Such is life. Today was back out with the camera and some shopping. Tomorrow, more camera and then the flight out. Going to pull in the stuff from today and do a bit more transcoding overnight and get my stuff packed.

Doc Production Stop One: Manila from J.R. Friesen on Vimeo.


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