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VIDEO: Zombie Shovel


I put a new green screen up in my office and while I can get nice even lighting across the screen, my control room is almost too small to get good separation between the screen lighting and my subject. He was standing about 5′ from the the screen. I have it lit with $8 Home Depot work lights and bouncing off some panels. I need to work on the lower bounce, it hits the subjects shoulders and creates some really harsh back lighting. I don’t actually have anywhere else I can set this up either. And I haven’t pulled many keys…this and then one back in 2007. I used Adobe’s guide with the Key Light plugin. Need to keep working on this and then master motion tracking/rotoscoping.

I shot this uncompressed out of my Z7U via Matrox MXO2 mini…it was really a noisy, crappy image in my opinion. Edited in Premiere and After Effects, keyed in AE, audio posted in Nuendo. I just used a simply YouTube HD preset in Media Encoder for the final build.


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