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Video: Why I Haven’t Gone “All-In” HD-DSLR Yet

I did pre-order the new T2i though. At the price point, it’s a bad decision NOT TO- especially since the 5D just doesn’t quite have what I’m looking for yet. Am I going to shoot a feature film? Maybe one day. Do want the absolute best quality money can buy? No doubt! IMO, that’s the T2i right now, but we’ll see how it shakes out compared to the 7D footage.

But the tech is really, really close to epic status as attested to in this video of the driving plate shots for this season’s “24”:


Shooting Driving Plates for 24 from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.

EDiT: Non-Profits…BUY The T2i Camera! You will not get the quality of footage at such a low price, for those in-office interviews, location shots, promo videos, it does not get better than this. I will be trying to push through 1 of these cameras with a good lens for our non-profit this year. You can pre-order from both Amazon and Adorama for $799 (body only) right now.


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