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Video: SI-2K Cinedeck Combo Test

I went out today for about an hour with my dad to do some test shooting. He needed to wrap his head around the Canon while I need to get a feel for the set up in the wild. Granted, the softball park isn’t the wild compared to places in Egypt next week but it’s close enough. I hope to get some AMAZING shots of the pyramids with this. So my thoughts:

1. I’m losing A LOT in the lens. It’s really, really soft. I may end up using my Zeiss 50mm which acts like an 85mm on this thing. Pretty much longer than what I want, but I hate to waste this on a bad lens. The T2i stuff looks better in the finished piece. (the best stuff is (:43-:46) 2. Incredibly difficult to see in bright daylight in a bag- I’m going to work up a remedy between now and well, Tuesday. I raised the bag and created a preview Iridas .look file that I applied which helped a TON. 3. There is so much damn RANGE! I’m looking down at my histogram thinking, yeah, something’s going to be slammed up or down. For instance, on the Z7, if it’s too hot, I pull it down to lose some of the blowouts and then I lose all my details in the dark. Not so with this, I can pull down my highlights and still have all the room in the shadows. “Hello, Spoiled.” 4. The details. Related to #2 but look at those clouds in some of the shots! (:42-46) 5. Easier to use than my DSLR and my “real” video cam. Blows them both outta the water. ‘Nuff said.

I did’t take the time to actually correct any of the color. So some of the highlights are blown, some of the shadows can be pulled down more, the faces are darker than I’d like but whatever. I’m sure you get the idea. I just pulled the clips directly into First Light and made a few adjustments and then dropped them in to Premiere for the cut.

You will notice the grass color difference between the SI and the t2i. Not sure if the Canon is adding color or if it’s because I didn’t WB them. Either way I can fix it so I’m not overly concerned.

Think about the fact I just captured RAW off the sensor to a setup as small as mine at a possible 2K resolution. I’ll take that ANY DAY.

Way more coming. Big ups to Charles at Cinedeck for the gear.



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