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Video: I Love My HDSLR

I haven’t had much of a chance to use yet. I haven’t shot on an HDSLR yet. In any fashion. Until this T2i. No 5D, no 7D, no Nikon, nothing. But I’m getting ready to film my first “official” gig, and I am going out this weekend with a friend to do some shooting of various kinds. My conclusion after *farting* around with it? I’m not sure if I’m going back to a “real” video camera anytime soon. I LOVE this thing. Here’s why:

1. Organic– there’s just something natural about shooting with this form factor. I was a bit concerned at first, but now have found it’s addicting. I’m drawn to it, it’s fresh, it feels natural, organic, down to earth and it just plain makes me feel good.

2. Easy – It’s light, it’s free, it’s low profile. I stuck in on a $30 monopod and just threw it around as you’ll see in the below clip.

3. Historically Accurate – if you’re into this sort of thing. Motion picture came from moving stills right? So this is the next evolution- not an engineer version of it. Why do new tapeless format cameras still have the same size of their tape counterparts? This probably plays into point number 1. (from a presentation by Shane Hurlbut).

4. ROI – yeah, we’ve all read Barry’s report on aliasing and all heard all about rolling shutter and you know what? It’s a legitimate issue but we don’t care. As Matt Jeppsen quoted on Twitter the other day: We’re willing to overlook it because 90% of the time we want to lick the screen. And it’s $800, double the sensor size and double the bit rate of my $6K Sony. The DOF is better, quality is better, medium is cheaper, lenses are not cheaper but easier to attain and I can swap ’em out whenever I want.

5. Low Profile– For the indie doc guy? Easier to look like a tourist and with the amount of places I’ve been kicked out of because my camera is too “professional”- my Rebel won’t draw that kind of attention. Besides, who uses a Rebel in a professional capacity? *no comment*

6. Cost Effectiveness – For the non-profit crew? Cheap, high-quality web video.

*EDIT* 7. SDHC – I don’t have to pack around an FW800 cable and my 300x CF card reader. I can slip in a paper thin card into my E34 slot on my MBP.

So there you go. I’m hooked. I love it. Every bit of it. It’s addicting, makes me feel good, looks amazing, and most of all, it’s freakin’ cheap as hell. Get a T2i, record some video and have some fun.

…I don’t even have filters or a follow focus or proper rig yet…sheesh.



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