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Video: Assorted GH2 Clips

My buddy Mike and I went out early this morning for a photo session. I wanted to see how I liked a dedicated round of still shooting with the GH2. Mike just loves photography and agreed to join me. Although it was about 14°F and our fingers were numb by the end, it was worth it. I’ll be editing the shots and uploading the series hopefully tomorrow; mostly empty small-town “urban” scapes.

I also shot some random vids just because I could. Two things stood out to me: how relatively flat the image is (compared to my Canon footage), and the rolling shutter skew is far worse than my T2i. It was most noticeable during the arms-length handheld self-interview as I was walking scene. Admittedly something you may not do much unless you’re blogging. The 50mm I had mounted exhibits far more skew than the wider lenses.

So before I get to the vids, a couple closing random thoughts: the auto LCD/LVF switch is awesome (when I put my eye to the piece and move it away), the touchscreen works well even with with my softshell gloves on, I can’t figure out how to get the LCD/LVF to accurately represent what’s coming in on the sensor in photo mode (works fine in movie mode), and this thing still desperately needs a battery grip. It’s too small for my big mitts.

(Had to convert this to H.264 for Vimeo to take it sorry)

I do so love the image out of this camera, the rolling shutter bugs me though.


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