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Moreover, we have redefined man’s greatest problem. The problem used to be defined in terms of sin and guilt, rebellion and condemnation. The pressing question was, “How can sinful people be right before a holy God?” But now our problem is that we are empty cups that need to be filled. Though initially this might not sound like such bad news, really it is the counsel of despair. Sin is a moral category, and a person’s morals can be changed. A sinner can be saved and sanctified. But a leaky cup is an ontological category, and ontological things cannot change. Once a dog, always a dog. Once a leaky cup, always a leaky cup. You can fill a cup, but a cup remains a cup—something always leaking and always needing to be filled. Thus the message implied is that we are broken and cannot be fixed. We are leaky cups.

The Peacemaking Pastor, Alfred Poitier (ch. 3)

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