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Unheralded Production is Wrapped, I’m Tired

At one point, my wife (who had since flown off to Manila for her work) emailed me and said, “…sorry things haven’t worked out!” She was right, things didn’t work out as scheduled but things worked out. Just like the Malaysia shoot in February, there were more than a couple things thrown in I wasn’t expecting. Bangladesh was no different. Some good, some bad, but it’s the way the cards play out when you’re shooting unscripted.

Finally, I’m rocking some new artwork for Unheralded. It’s really hot, but it’s not going to be seen until after the first of the year when the new Red Futon Films website launches (which I need to blog about as well) and the Unheralded marketing plan hits full swing. Yes, whenever I’m on these trips, it’s all work all the time; I get up, turn on the computer and never shut it off until my eyes close. My director razzed me more than frequently about my incessant need to always be working. It’s hard habit to break when I get back home.

More on the new film Unheralded, my marketing plan, Red Futon Films and that whole side of business a bit later. Maybe after my R&R in Mexico the end of next week 😉

So, until I’m home…cheers!


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