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Twitter Question: Codec Emphasis by DPs?

I read something that prompted me to ask a question to see how other’s felt about it. The question was: “How much should a DP concern him/herself with a camera’s codec?” I got the following reponses:

@jonmckee: “Cinematographers should concern themselves with how to paint a scene with light and compose shots to tell a story.”

@benjeckstein: “I would say they should concern themselves with it, but not more than the more important tools/techniques in their craft.”

@salah_baker: “What Jon said”

@renatoghio: “DPs should be asking where the final product will end up & then make a decision about the codec.”

@ChristianGlawe: “Yes, primarily due to market considerations (producers may not want to hire you if you have “lossy” camera system).”

@humangobo: “Absolutely. Ultimately depends what’s being filmed (sometimes they’re just thrown a cam). But codec is an important factor, IMO”

What do you think? And why?


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