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Trails, Climbs, CarboRocket and Packs

I’m leaving for Portland on Sunday until Wednesday so won’t be able to get back on the bike until Thursday (pending weather holds). Tomorrow I’ve got a lot of things going that prevent a ride so I cut out of work early and did what I think is probably one of my more aggressive rides in terms of the terrain I tackled over a two hour period.

Most of it was super-tech, off-camber stuff with rocks in the way, short burst climbs, tight cornering and more rocks in the way. Most of the more fun XC stuff around here is like that, but it also tends to slow down speed considerably. Most of these trails sit in “the canyons” between mesas and I try to lay them out usually at the beginning of the ride. There are sections that are downright dangerous if you’re not paying attention or feeling particularly weak.

And I’m still weak in the strength area. I can’t climb very well and tire quickly on the hard, short bursts. This has been my Moriarty every since I’ve been ridng. I want to do some more speed training and intervals this year in addition to purposeful climbing. Which, for me, essentially look like busting ass on easier singletrack for 45 minutes to an hour like I did the other day or throwing a Molt Rd. climb into a ride somewhere around an hour and a half. 

I got a chance to use my CarboRocket CR333 fuel the second hour. Decent flavor. Leaves a bit of grit on your teeth though but washed easily away by a swig of water. One scoop is a 1/3rd of a serving which dishes up 111 calories, 28g carbs and lots of other good stuff like potassium and sodium. So depending on how I do, I’ll plan on a scoop an hour. I can keep probably four hours in a bottle mounted to my bike fairly easily, it’ll be strong, but I’ll only need to down a quarter of it.

I liked my pack a lot better today as well. Instead of the XL setting on the adjustable waist strap, I went with L. I carry all my tools, shock pump, rain jacket, and a couple Clif bars in it. It worked best when I cinched down the helmet apron on the outside which firmly locked in the contents. So I didn’t get any side-to-side shuffle and with the setting on the adjustable waist strap, the pack became mostly invisible. That was two hours, we’ll see how it fares on the longer cabin excursions.


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