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Time? What’s That?

I posted on my brother’s Facebook wall an article about some super-ultra-running god and why in the world people do that. The author made a remark about it being likely the super-selfish that do these types of things. It made me think about the choices I make and the low importance strenuous training has in everything

My brother for instance, he runs upwards of 70 miles a week. To put in that kind of time, you don’t have time for really anything but your activity, work and keeping a marriage healthy. He doesn’t have kids and running seems to be his only hobby, so he can fit it in likely without much selfishness.

Me on the other hand, I’m lucky if I can get in a 50 mile week riding and that’s just the commute! After a day of work, I come home, play with my kids or get a few things done around the house until dinner, then it’s time to get kids ready for bed followed by picking up the house. When that’s over it’s a picking usually one of the following: work, read, blog, watch a half hour of television or try and do something with my wife.

Biking is nowhere in there. But that’s life right now and I would have to be really selfish to go balls out riding at the expense of my family. While it’s not the dirt trails, I’m exceedingly thankful I picked up the Surly and can at least get in the occasional 20+ mile commute.

And crap, I got a blog post out…

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