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Time Inbetween

Since moving from basically a full-time, below-the-line position to my producer/exec role on projects, I have more downtime than anticipated. So much of making any new project happen- commercial or original- is dependent on other people that there’s a lot of waiting time. Doors are opening everywhere on both Capstan Visual as well as Red Futon Films fronts but a lot of time passes between knocking on the opportunity and that first meeting. Even more time passes between getting the pitch out and waiting to hear back on it.

In my head, I tend to refer to it as the time inbetween- this mystical place where you’re at the mercy of God or luck or whatever worldview you hold. I’ve also noticed it’s the time when I tend to doubt, question, and wonder if I’m just crazy for doing all this. It’s tough to maintain the drive when you’re just waiting. Sure, I can rest on the fact a sovereign God is in control of all things and nothing he does is random an without purpose, but on a normal level, I’m just don’t have that much faith.

Seeing it’s my first year in this particular role full-time, I’m still figuring out what to do with my hands during the time inbetween. Sure, there are plenty of times I sit working on creative ideas and pursuing new opportunities, but you can only do that consistently before you go crazy. Given the nature of any sort of film production where it can span days or months (and when I travel, I’m on from eye open to eye close), it might be good for me NOT to spend all day every day back home working as well.

In the meantime, I’m booking meetings for the next trip to LA. #work

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