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Threadsy: One App to Rule Them All

One App to Bind Them, One App to Rule Them All

I have to blog about this. Scott Simmons over at The Edit Blog turned me on to it in a tweet this morning, shot me an invite and now I’m rollling. It really feels like the one application that rules them all. In a nutshell, it aggregates all of my communications across the web. Far beyond that though, it operates like an email account, your Twitter account, your Facebook account etc. You can send, archive, apply lables (Gmail), view, respond, interact, etc. Here are the applications, windows, and other things this app replaces for me:

1. Tweetdeck- completely 2. Facebook- partially 3. Adium- completely 4. Gmail – sort of

All of the above of which I have open all the time and have multiple accounts with. This is fantastic. This app brings these accounts together integrated in such a way that makes my communication way better and far more cohesive. For example, I received a new Twitter follow notification in my email account…I clicked the email in Threadsy (via Gmail) and was able to actually see his Twitter information, recent Tweets etc, in the side window. I don’t have to actually click through to Twitter or open up Tweetdeck now to get his information.

Chat integration (via Meebo) is simply outstanding. I use to have Adium up all the time- now I can shut that off and leave it in a brower. I don’t have to have a gazillion tabs and windows open either. I forsee this application being a must-have keeper for me.

If you’re familiar with CoTweet, you’ll see and find a striking resemblance with it.

Not Completely God-Like

Gmail: Because of the way I set up my Gmail account as simply the front end for my various forwarded domains (I don’t actually use my Gmail address) and even thoughGmail connects via IMAP, I still have to respond to all emails in Gmail…this is a HUGE bummer. I would like to see the ability to specify which domain accounts (set up in Gmail) I can send from or simply reply to from the same account it came in on.

*NOTE: If you’re a normal Gmail user, it works perfectly*

Contacts: No access to my email or facebook addess books as a separate tab (when composing a new message from a given account, you can select your contact ala FB style depending on whether you’re sending from Twitter, FB, Gmail). I would like to a separate window which you can add and remove contacts that syncs with Gmail and Facebook.

Facebook Pages: I maintain and admin four different Facebook Pages. The Facebook Connect feature is not as stout as Tweetdeck’s in that you don’t the ability to specify pages you’re admin of. I’d love to see this feature as well as the ability to interact with the conversations and updates on those pages.

LinkedIn: I almost didn’t mention this because it’s not that huge of an issue. I don’t spend much time on LinkedIn, but I’d love to see this add-on for messaging and contacts, and perhaps a connect ability; you select a contact on Twitter, or email or whatever and see a link to their LinkedIn account to which you can connect or messagge- a good work around is to continue forwarding updates to your email and just using their site as before.

A Ring I’m Wearing

There are total work-arounds to the Facebook Pages and LinkedIn options- just link your status on your FB pages to your Twitter accounts and viola- you don’t have to update those. Contacts…an issue, but not a big one, just keep adding contacts as usual (I add very little). As far as Gmail goes, don’t open it until you have too, or plan an hour or so a couple times a day to respond to emails- work management, but Threadsy will tell you when you have ’em.

Regardless of the downfalls (and I’m going to pester them to no end on the email/Gmail issue), this is one app I’m keeping. it’s just so freakin’ handy. I’ll still have to keep Gmail open, but there’s absolutely no reason why I need to log in to Facebook, or my chat or Tweetdeck ever again (except the above mentioned Facebook Pages issue).

Check ’em out when you get a chance. I have 9 invites left so let me know if you want one.


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