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There's No Such Thing as "Making It"

If there was, I would have made a few times over in this last year. In the last two years I’ve met several goals that if I was really honest with myself were once if I only did this, I’d finally make it goals. But that’s not true.

No matter what you do you continue to work, meet more people, get more work, improve more skills. I recently met with some producers that have been involved in a variety of projects from high-level clients and even Hollywood to indie and personal projects. None of that work as ever secured them continued business. They’ve still had work for it.

Get that gig, land that sale; none of it guarantees anything. You’ll never finally “make it” or “arrive” You’ll still have to earn your keep. I’m moving on to bigger, more complicated, more skilled, whatever-it may-be things. But I also have some goals laid out and certain things I value that drives those things and helps define what/ what not to get involved in or do.

Do you disagree? What have you noticed in your own career?


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