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The Salary

I read this last night in Drinking with Calvin and Luther. I liked it and has me pondering: 

“Although pointing out that God does not owe us anything, including salary, Calvin wrote that “out of His free goodness God offers us a salary…He rewards our labor which yet is due to him with remuneration.” What is more, our salary demonstrates that God is for us; it is a tangible evidence of God’s grace. Andre Bieler’s The Social Humanism of Calvinism aptly summarizes Calvin’s economic views:  “Since this salary is as the sign of the grace of God, man cannot dispose of it according to his fancy. The salary of his neighbor does not belong to him. In giving to his dependent workingman his dues, the employer simply remits to his neighbor that which God himself bestows upon the man so that he may live. To confiscate or to hold the whole or part of a salary coming to others is sacrilege. It is an offense to God as well as to our neighbor.  Moreover, speaking objectively, the salary belongs neither to the employer nor to the workingman. Both receive it from God and both ought to receive it as coming from God. 

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