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The New HDV Workflow

Here I mentioned the upgrade of my system to one of the new octomacs that came out last month. The thing is blazingly fast. Lightning. It’s incredible. But, to sum up the issue, it wouldn’t read any of DNxHD footage, this was a result of the lastest QT updates (the only thing I could figure out) so I re-transcoded.

I compared 3 different codecs: Blackmagic 8-bit uncompressed, Photo-JPEG, and Apple 8-bit uncompressed. Each codec looked amazing…for transocded HDV. Every one of them naturally, looked better than the DNxHD footage. So after comparing the same frame on each codec, I settled on Photo-JPEG. Pretty old school I know. But, the uncompressed codecs just left huge file sizes and Blackmagic’s codec pixelated the hell out of the highlights and the Apple codec had mushy shadows. If anyone has a better codec than Photo-JPEG, let me know (that’s free).

So my current HDV/Sony HVR-Z7U workflow is thus:

Shoot 1080i at 59.94

Transcode via MPEG Streamclip to 1440x1080i Photo-JPEG (you have to specify 59.94 otherwise it will default to 29.97)

Edit in Premier as normal.

Then I can go back and forth between Premiere and AE without having to render until final output. Pretty sweet…for HDV. I think however, I’ll be losing the Blackmagic card in lieux of the Matrox MXO. I discovered I can’t use to it to color correct as I wanted…only after researching for a monitor today


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