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The Leadership Module

Every so often, Peaemaker Ministries produces a new resource. Most recently it was the Peacemaking Church Resource Set. In there are materials for pastors, small groups and peacemaking teams. The overall strategy of the ministry and church/christian equipping is this PCRS (as we’ve come to nickname it).

The Product

They’ve chosen to develop new “modules” to bolster and add to this. The next module is on Leadership. Specifically shepherd leadership in the context of the local church. We have some great teachers lined up including Tim Laniak who’s studied biblical shepherd leadership extensively.

The production is going to distributed via DVD. Possibly web, but we’ve not broached that topic yet. It’s going to consist of 10-12 30 minute teaching sessions with included animations and visual aids. The teaching will be done in front of a group of 6-10 as an “audience.”

Question: would you want the teacher to teach to the camera at all or strictly to those in the room?

The Production

I plan to do a 3-camera shoot. Tapeless with a dump to a portable array at the end of each “class.” My A cam is going to follow the teacher with primarily a medium shot. My B cam is going to be a medium close angle shot. C cam is going be my money cam; utilizing the jib and rails/dolly for some movement to break up the static shots.

I’m still debating a couple things though. Although I don’t like having mics in my shots, I’ll probably be utilizing a wireless lav for the audio to cam A. I wouldn’t be opposed to testing to mics hanging from the ceiling and mixing them together. I’m also undecided if I want to reset timecode for each class and do each as an individual sequence.

Currently, we’re looking at a location and I’ve sent out my budgets and production scheduling for the tech side of things. I desperately want some outlines so I can plan my shots much better but so far, I don’t have anything so it could be a produce on teh fly sort of scenario; not the best, but not a huge problem. The location question is a big one right now. I’m not a set designer, but unfortunately, will probably end up being that too.

Additional Materials

In addition, I’ll be doing all the layout and design work for the project. We’ll probably hire out the main “look” for the logo, etc. But I’ll be putting together all the print, materials as well. So it should be a nice, long, and large project for me. It’s exciting. The schedule for this production is the first week of February. Then I leave for SE Asia.


I’m going to be producing this with the following:

  1. Sony HVR-Z7u

  2. Panasonic HVX-200

  3. Canon XL-H1/Sony EX-1

  4. 30′ of track

  5. jib

  6. Two HDD arrays (still in process of building: more later)

  7. 2 Camera ops and a grip

  8. 2 Sets of Arri and Lowell lights

  9. Premier, After Effects and Encore

  10. Photoshop and Indesign

I’ll be taking pictures and all that as well as we start getting things set up. Might even blog from the location as I get a chance.


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