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The FCPX Trainwreck: My view? Best thing ever!

I’m only slightly tongue-in-cheek here. As much as I’m not an Apple fan-boy or heavy FCP user, I did need to know the application to finish FCP-originated projects either in Color or another application. The amount and severity of FCP’s die-hardest users and fan base that are finished with FCP and are staunchly against FCPX astonishes even me. I was out of town overnight the day it was released so caught the first couple hours, came back, did a quick Twitter search and it was all negative save for maybe 3 users. Craziness I tell you. Truthfully, I held out a little hope that it’d be awesome just because new tech should be awesome.

As a colorist, FCPX couldn’t be better news if you ask me. No conforming in the grade! Of course, this assumes that someone editing on FCPX is actually going to need a real colorist. They just export a file, I grade it and send it back forcing them to commit to the edit and if they don’t, well, I’ll bill them for re-grading the new file. The chances of this ever happening are slim to none.

Ironically, this is pretty much everyone’s complaint at it’s core. Apple went completely backwards. The ideal workflow is finishing in the grading suite and having a constantly evolving finishing timeline consisting of all the production elements from other apps. The edit is updated as it goes, graphics are being imported as they’re created leaving the finishing process to final evaluation because everything in the finishing suite was done at the same time as everything else saving time and money. FCPX just gave this much better workflow the middle finger and represents my personal hatred for walled-off systems that don’t allow for any sort of sharing.

So I will not be purchasing FCPX as I have zero need for it and I’ll be continuing my workflow and grading quest on Avid and Premiere projects because frankly, that’s where the money’s at.


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