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Technology is like a vapor

A fitting intersection of flash-in-the-pan, vaporous technology and what is my now-regular use of this blog. Posterous is dead. I’ve enjoyed the ride. It was easy, simple, had a nice look and fuss-free. Then they moved to Spaces and things got a bit more confusing. Today, they were purchased by Twitter. Now, I’m on Tumblr.

So many of these companies have the shelf-life of milk sitting out. Much like that of a vapor; here today, gone yesterday. No matter. As we study in Ecclesiastes, all of life is a vapor. Not meaningless, but vapor. All our efforts, all our labor has one end, the end of sandcastles. No matter what we try to do, we cannot make the world yield to our influence. Although we may try, and we may try valiantly, we can’t do it and we never will be able to do it. 

There’s great freedom in that though. We’re free to enjoy. We’re free to revel in family, food, beer, sports, and yes, even our work. We can spend a lot of time stressing and striving over what we can’t control, or we can leave it to God…or fate, if you hold to that, and do what we can with what’s in front of us and enjoy the rest. 

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