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Tablets, Touch, and Production- A Comment String

So the next quad-core tablet has hit the webs: the Lenovo LePad K2. Recently, a friend of mine, (@os1019 on Twitter) said in ominous words “And thus it begins” while linking to me to the newly announced Asus Transformer Prime (incidentally, also the one I’ll be purchasing for my jump into tabletland).

I’m going to briefly refer back to my post “I Don’t Need That Tower Anymore Mom” on where I think tech is heading and then continue the conversation below from our Google + thread:

And it continues. I think the death of the PC as we know to an all-tablet world, even in mobile production is 5 years away beginning 2012.

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Jay Friesen –  http://www.slashgear.com/lenovo-lepad-k2-tegra-3-tablet-benchmarks-look-to-take-on-asus-18196616/

12:18 PM – Edit

@os1019 –  Yes indeed and if the those rumors emphasis on rumors are true the iPad 3 or some the iPad pro will have thunderbolt!

12:30 PM

Jay Friesen –  I think Windows is going to lose ground in a hurry. Because non-Apple productions run on two different platforms. Apple will have an easier time porting things over to the tablet whereas software manufacturers would have to start from scratch programming for Android. But thunderbolt or not, you don’t have pro options in video on the iPad, or Apple for that matter anymore…yet. 

Then the second question becomes, “what constitues pro anymore?” I personally think that will change as well. The indie market will be the first to adopt as they won’t have the timecode, super-stringent needs of broadcasters. The Hollywood machine will follow last as they’re a well-greased factory that won’t want to interrupt the pipeline. Interestingly, the super-high overhead of that factory model could be there undoing. 

All those thoughts to say, I’m disinclined to spend thousands of dollars keeping up anymore. Except for aliasing and syncing audio with no TC, Magic Lantern has transformed my Canon. Beyond that, you can get USB 3 and TB calibrated video and audio monitoring- then it’s just your environment. A guy could totally cut a film on FCPX. You’re looking at one cheap studio. 

It’s only a matter of time before it moves to the tablet and Apple has that game right now until as I suspect, Adobe’s will drop the first tablet version of Premiere that will incorporate most of what we get in the desktop version. With all the new users, far more would be inclined to use it rather than FCPX if it makes a tablet move. 

Wow, that was a long response.

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