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Just as I pre-ordered the new Google Nexus 7, my father-in-law tells me the Asus Transformer 300TF he ordered isn’t going to work for him due to the screen resolution and his eyesight.

Naturally, I cancelled my Nexus 7 order and relieved him of his Android.

I’ve been really pleased with it so far. My original opinion of tablet devices hasn’t changed though. They’re still toys but I find myself reading more of my online subscription things and keeping up with what’s left of my blogging world (many have stopped blogging altogether). I absolutely love reading on this thing. I’m a portrait tablet user. My wife, with her iPad is a landscape user.

The fact is, it’s heavier, and bulkier with the keyboard attached than my Macbook Air, which, still holds the torch for best computing experience ever. No touch screen though.

That brings me to my next observation, why hasn’t Apple released a full compter/tablet hybrid? I got hands-on with my uncle’s Windows 8/Metro tabputer and my word is that thing slick. It will easily replace the laptop + tablet combo and I can safely say, I won’t be getting a traditional laptop or computer next go-round. I’m coming due to replace the PC at home and this is top choice. The Metro interface is fast, slick and attractive. I think it’s preferable even to Android.

Anyway, random thoughts on devices while on vacation.

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