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Still in Dhaka, Still Editing

…at that great coffee shop across the street from the hotel. The last two days haven’t panned out for shooting like we were hoping but that’s okay, it’s not crucial. On the flip side of things, we’ve gotten WAY more editing done that we expected too. My director’s pounded out 6 scenes and started on some music editing. I’ve got almost 3 scenes laid up in timelines, 1 scene rough cut, and 2 killer animations done for primary transitions.

I have to admit, as I sit here staring at my script and subclipping myself to death I’m wondering if I have the chops to cut this well. No matter which way I cut it (pun intended), it’s going to be a challenge and growing experience. I’m counting on good screenings to help this process. I can’t afford to hire a cutter so…I’m it.

I think it’s going to be a strong story…not for everyone but will hit it’s intended audience on the money. Being able to spend a few unplanned days editing here in Dhaka really helped me tap the vibe I’m going for; from the font, graphics, flow and music. I guess it’s similar to an author writing from a location he’s using in his book.

Tomorrow, we’re off at 8am to shoot and at a conference….not glamorous but it seems to be the only way we can nail these people down much to my chagrin.


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