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So the Premiere to Speedgrade Dynamic Direct Link functionality is pretty rad. So rad, I’m grading the entire doc in Speedgrade. So far, I’m extremely happy with the results I’m getting on everything except two shots. In the real word, it’s only two clips but three shots in the edit. So in my adventures of fixing those shots today, I’ve now learned a few things about this workflow:

  1. Dynamic Direct Link does not give you any options to adjust RAW properties of a clip in Speedgrade.

  2. Not that number 1 matters a whole lot since Sg doesn’t give me any worthwhile adjustments for DNG anyway- oddly enough.

  3. I find irony in number 2 because DNG is an Adobe format (yes, I know Sg wasn’t an Adobe app natively, but it’s still funny).

  4. I can’t control how Premiere interprets my RAW footage. It seems to arbitrarily pick a matrix out of thin air.

  5. If that decoding matrix happens to bring in the footage overexposed then…

  6. …that footage will be clipped in Speedgrade if accessed via DL.

I think after trying a variety of different ways to fix the overexposed shots, I’ve settled on converting those clips to Cineform RAW and replacing them in the timeline. Then I can adjust the RAW settings of the clip as I’m in Speedgrade. So far, the least time-consuming approach.

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