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Southeast Asia

I need a working title. I think I’m going to call it “The Asia Project.” Simple enough.

The Itinerary

  1. Depart Billings, MT Feb. 11

  2. Manila, Philippines Feb. 12-16

  3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Feb. 16-22

  4. Allahabad, India Feb. 22-25

  5. Dhaka, Bangladesh Feb. 25-29

  6. Arrive back in Billings, MT Mar. 1 (with an overnighter in Singapore)

I’m traveling as a tourist. But I’ll have my cameras and several specific people/places and events I want to capture. Late spring 2009 will be a series of webisodes of the final production. I’m planning on Twittering while I’m there as well so if you’re not following me, start.

Read my very first and short post for what little more I’m going to say exactly about what I’m doing over there on a blog for the security of thost I’m working with over there. Although I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as it has been in the past.

Production Progress

I’ve made some good progress over the last week. I just finished (as in 15 minutes ago) hammering out some interview questions and outlines regarding story from some questions one of the directors just got back to me about. I have one more person I’m working with for that section I’m waiting to hear from. But when I get back to the office next week I’m going to start laying out the story and plugging in details. It’ll probably be a bunch of Sharpie’d pieces of paper on my wall.

I’ve also been able to talk to a guy that went over last year and did some filming. I got his take on what not to bring and what to make sure I have several of. I was able to talk to another friend who just got back from Africa and simply said he took to many AA batteries for his mics.

My arsenal will be fairly light. This will be due to ease of moving around as well as the fact that I’ll want to carry everything with me. I plan on taking:

  1. Sony Z7U

  2. Canon DigiRebel

  3. 2 Extra Batteries

  4. Charger

  5. 2 CF cards

  6. 6 HDDs

  7. 1 2-disk raid box (setup still yet to be tested)

  8. 1 shotgun mic

  9. 1 boom

  10. Cables

  11. Tripod

  12. 1 light (still deciding on one of my kit lights or buying a cam-mounted unit)

  13. 1 laptop

  14. 1 powerstrip with the grounding pin broken off

  15. 1 household extension cable

  16. 4 little power converters (the round prong ones)

  17. a few 220/240 bulbs for whatever light I take

  18. a pack of extra AA batteries for my mic

  19. 1 leatherman

  20. 1 roll of duct tape

  21. 1 duffle bag for the $$

  22. 1 piece of checked luggage for the larger items and my clothes

  23. some snacks

I’m trying to keep addtional costs down due to the nature of the economy, the current state of both organizations that are supporting this and the fact that this barely squeezed by in the first place. We’re all so excited about it and it’s simply plain critical to what my clients need at the moment.

I have a lot more production pieces to put together. Namely what I’m aiming at going after when I get there. I should come back with some absolutely amazing footage and photography. Look for it. It’ll be up on my Vimeo site. I’ll also be taking stills of all the various setups I’m going to do. I’m convinced those will be pretty crazy at times. Those photos will be available via Facebook and the little still window on the right.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey!


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