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Sony F3 S-Log Footage!

So NAB was all kinds of awesome for me. But right now, I’m going to focus on the F3. Scott (@kiwi_scott) rolled by the Cinedeck booth on Tuesday and in his glorious kiwi accent said, “Hey, you should take a box [Cinedeck] and plug it into the S-Log enabled F3 over at the Able Cine booth.” It was a great idea so I took him up on it. While there was a super-secret F3/Cinedeck shoot in the desert one night, I wasn’t part of that and they probably won’t share any footage with you so…

Download link HERE break Dropbox’s servers folks! for the Cineform and ProRes 444 captures of the really, really sexy F3 S-Log footage here. I’ll post up on Twitter when the Dropbox file is ready to go. It’s 6GB so be warned. But you want the real thing right? Right. Don’t get your hopes up though, it really is just show floor footage, but you have lots of dark shadows and some nice bright lights going on plus some flesh tones and color- there’s even a chart someone put up on the wall!

Here’s some stills from my play session in First Light:


Primary 1

Primary 2

A Look 1

A Look 2

Good 'ole Bleach Bypass


  1. I had no issue capturing to either codec on the Cinedeck over dual link 3G 444 to the onboard SSD.

  2. I did not test any other captures or to any other codec flavors although they are possible.

  3. These are not “real” grades but merely samples of what you can do.

  4. Nobody anywhere is paying me or giving me free swag for any of this.

  5. Cinedeck on board scopes are accurate with what I see in First Light scopes. Expected.


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