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Sit and Wait…Now Go 90

So the blog’s been kind of quite, but don’t worry, I’m getting ready to head back to SE Asia for almost a month and I’ll be slamming the blog daily with updates. But for now, it’s a sit and wait. I have about 8 short vids out for editing by their respective producers and I’ve been logging Feb’s Asia footage and getting that sent off to my director in Malaysia. So kind of chill around here but that’s allowed me to get project files cleaned up, old stuff deleted and things like that.

I picked up a couple gigs as well. The first is while I’m in Bangladesh. I was contracted by a guy who’s working with Christianity Today about getting some photos for a December article online. The second is from a friend of mine that saw my daily video work at the Peacemaker Conference, he wants me to come out to DC in March and do the same…but like 3-4 a day instead!. We’ll see if that one pans out. It’s a little early to tell. (both via Twitter FYI)

Anyway, I say chill for a bit while the blog is slow. It’ll be at 90 in no time with photos, videos and posts as I work from Malaysia, Bangladesh and the Philippines in two weeks.


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