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Shaken: Grading and Looks

The process has begun for the grade. The guys just shot me the first pass of the performance cut for the video and are wrapping that up and moving on to the dramatic pieces. My attempt to conform failed epically we discovered due to XML 5 (FCP outputs and Resolve inputs) not carrying over the multicam and clip information but that’s for another post. This one’s all about grades.

After our previous discussion, I sat down to come up with three looks from which they could choose from that all were variants on the same theme more or less with my interpretation (the artistic part) of what they were going for. We wanted to stay away from the stereotypical post-apocalyptic theme and go with a more surreal, Mars-y feel. These are the three looks I gave them:

Cold Glam

Mars Rock

Tinted Red

They liked Tinted Red which is a (basic color bias via curves) for this one so I’m working from that. With a slight skin tone adjustment and black contrast adjustment (per our conversations today with Matt and Kendal) we’re 95% percent there. So here’s that grade with the those two small adjustments made and applied to a few shots from the film- not perfected by any means but a great starting point:


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