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Seeds for another screenplay

So, as you may or may not have known, I’m writing a screenplay about a couple who decides to go on a 5-year anniversary trip to Mexico but their three kids under 5 seem bent on submarining their plans.

If this sounds familiar to you, it might be based on your true-to-life events. Scratch that, it is ALL built around anecdotes from those in our small circle of friends we run with. (Thanks Abars, McGinnis’, Meiers and Mattsons!)

If it’s ever made, it’ll be (an R-rated) date movie for parents of all creeds. I mean seriously, how much do we say and do to each other as parents that would be rated PG-13 or greater on screen?

Anyway, there’s a section of the film where the family takes a short road trip to drop off their kids with a set of grandparents. Its hilariously terrible with all the car madness, gas-station tales and horrible fast food restaurant experiences a parent could imagine. One could make an entire movie a out it. Oh-ho!

So I’m documenting (thanks Evernote) all the drama of a 2-day, 20 hour, 1300ish mile road trip to Chicago with two kids under 3, a set of grandparents and parents in the same car. Enough for a film? Oh you bet.

If anything, I’ll have a couple fun tales celebrating the joy, horror and drama of raising a family…but undiluted- like that double whisky served neat I had last night after 15 hours straight in the car.


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