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We’re announcing 3 new shows tomorrow on Dead Reckoning. I’m totally stoked about them too. The team has been working really hard on getting them ready and the talent is simply fantastic. One one show in particular, we’re doing a few weeks of full end-to-end production that we’re not planning on releasing. We’re doing this so we can work out kinks and polish the concept and delivery. This will also give our talent a chance to gain increased comfort and confidence with the material in front of the camera.

The material is gold. Super-funny, witty and sharp. On paper, it’s everything I was hoping it would be. Our talent/host for the show has brought A LOT to the table, more than I thought the host would. She did most of the writing along with our head writer and producer, Ty. Of course, how and if all this translate to the screen is another matter.

I’m really looking forward to the first few screentests for this reason. Seeing the take life off the paper. The delivery is what will make or break this project but we’ll have time to see how this first full run stands or falls and determine where to make changes from there. We’re really pleased with our set, it’s not complicated but yet still unique and interesting. The focus is the subject.

I just re-read the script and LOL’d…no really kids. This is gold (IMO)

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