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Reblog: Basic Art Direction Primer

This is completely and utterly in the spirit of what I attempt to write about (independent, multi-hat work) and I got to learn a few things about Art Direction myself. From Matthew Jeppsen at FreshDV:

The following case study article was written by Pablo Korona, a Rockford, IL based video producer and FreshDV contributor. You can learn more about Pablo’s work at www.pablokorona.com.

Basic Art Direction Primer / Production Design for a Tabletop Product Shoot Among the many crew departments working a production set, audio and art are often overlooked or ignored. Both are usually an afterthought. But hey, at least all the audio guy has to do is point a microphone and unplug the refrigerator! Easy money. I overgeneralize of course, but I say this to simply illustrate the focus of audio, and how having some one dedicated to it on set produces a better outcome. This also applies to the production design, but is even more reinforced because “art” is not a narrow focus.

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