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QT Issues with Premier= DNxHD OUT

I mentioned in this post that I got a brand new machine and my HDD went out on the laptop. Being both new, fresh installs, these both came witho OSX and updated everything including Quicktime. While I’ve been updating fairly regularly (when I have to) I’ve never had any issues regarding Premier.

That is until now.

I haven’t had a chance to watch my 8 cores of power attack an HD render so I loaded up some of my DNxHD transcoded clips this afternoon only to discover that it crashed my box every single time. I had the same reaction on the Macbook Pro. How annoying.

I tested the clips out in QT, AE, and Bridge and they all played back just fine. In fact, they even played back in the little preview window in my media bin in Premier. But The moment I dropped them into the timeline or the source monitor, everything crashed.

In an effort to narrow down the issue, I transcoded a couple clips using a few different codecs and they all played back in Premier without crashing the system. So I took the original DNxHD transcoded clips to the one computer that was no affected by new updates and the clips played back just fine. Naturally, I copied down all the settings and versions of software etc. and compared them between the iMac and my other two machines. They were different. While everything else was the same, I was running Quicktime 7.5.5 on the iMac and QT 7.6 on the other two. I know that this is an issue with FCP users, but hadn’t heard about it with Premier users.

So I’ll be honest. I don’t know how to rollback a QT installation on a Mac. I really don’t care to learn (knowing I’ll have to in the future). And Since I have a much stouter machine, faster hard drives and greater throughput, I opted for a different codec.

After comparing several uncompressed and compressed codecs, I decided on the very non-glamours Photo-JPEG. Yes, it uses compression, but it looks just as good as my uncompressed codecs, plays back without a hitch, I have a preset for it and looks damn tasty (I think I already said that though). It does take up more space than DNxHD and runs at a higher bandwidth, but again, my system now can handle it and I’ll take the trade.

So my adjusted workflow now looks like this: Pull in .M2T files from Compact Flash Transcode to Photo-JPEG, deinterlaced and unscaled in 1440×1080 Open with Premier project setting (under my Blackmagic presets): 1440×1080/1.33/29.97/JPEG

We’ll see how that works this week. If you are considering an HDV format for something remotely professional, read this, and hopefully spend the extra bucks and get a camera that records to something else (P2, XDCAM, DVCPRO-HD etc.). If not, well, I’ve laid out a couple options on this blog that work just fine for non-broadcast work.


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