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PS3 Blu-Ray Streams out of Encore

You’re going to see the word “much” in the following post many times…

Naturally, since I’m shooting all my work in HD I thought it’d be awesome to have HD master files I could throw (and keep) on the PS3 at home; watch ’em at 123″ in all it’s HD glory (I’m sucker for HD), and show of my mad skillz to all my friends (sarcasm intended). I don’t have a blu-ray burner on the Octomac but I heard tell that you could burn blu-ray to regular DVD’s with programs like Toast (such talk is also a lie).

After much annoyance not getting that to work, I gave up. But the last few days I was faced with CS4 not properly deinterlacing my footage out of Media Encoder like it’s supposed to (the same files came out fine in CS3) . So after much more testing today I discovered that ME’s .m4v blu-ray files came out looking like I want them to. But after searching the nets, I couldn’t find a way to encode them for my PS3 (this seems to be another on-going Adobe issue). At the same the time I wondered if I could convert the BRD file to something I could use on the web.

So after much more testing, I came up with the answer to both.

For the PS3, take a the .m4v and .wav files from the Media Encoder render and import them into Encore. From Encore export a Blu-Ray folder. Inside the folder, you’ll find another folder called “Streams.” That folder contains the .m2ts file that’ll play back on the PS3 just fine.

Incidentally, that also fixed my issue. I opened Media Encoder and dropped the .m2ts file in and rendered out an .mp4 file. Well, believe it or not (and I suggest doing it yourself), but that file looks WAY better than the file rendered straight out of Media Encoder. It defies my logic, but my eye says it’s true.

In fact, I’ll post the vid tomorrow. It doesn’t “premier” until Sept. 26, but most, if not all of those folks don’t read my blog 😉


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