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Production Stage: Writing

I’m at that long and laborious stage of writing

Scrivener is one cool writing app

The first project is in the paper-edit stage. And by that I mean, we’ve logged all the content from the clips we shot, put them on paper and are constructing the story with this content as close as we can match the original intent. This is before we even open up the NLE and start cutting.

Granted, this is a reality-doc so it’s not going to be dead on but I think we’re close. I have made my producer in Malaysia the director on this project. He was a little hesitant at which point I said, “you’re just steering the ship in regards to the final story at this point.” While it’s nice to see my vision for the film come to life, like any good director, he’s been instrumental in how this played out during production. He took the synopsis I was going for and made it happen.

I’m leaving a week from Wednesday to capture the Bangladesh portion of this film. I’ll be documenting the entire production process, hopefully, primarily through video- since, that’s what I do.

The second project is in that research stage right now. Reading, writing, noting, thinking. I’m not even at the story construction phase yet. Until production is wrapped, the logline and information about this one are going to remain unreleased. This is due to the volatile nature of the Middle Eastern part of the world I’m headed to.

Both films will be getting websites

The first of which I need to start thinking about it how it’s going to play out since it may not be a public film- it’s a commissioned work for a mercy-ministry/NGO. It’s a slightly different beast in terms of distribution and rights. That’s not been finalized yet. The second film is a through-and-through film that will probably be run through the normal film paces.

And finally, I’m writing for my new production company for which these and future works are getting produced under. I’m writing things like, goals, objectives, action items, philosophies, missions, and mostly, strategies. From these,  all my necessary marketing and identification materials will be produced. So be on the look for the launch of this around the first part of 2010.

I’m super-excited to build up steam, fans, and most of all, amazing films both proprietary and commissioned.


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