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Premiere Crashed: All Saves Lost For the Day

So this just happened to me about 20 minutes ago. What gives? It’s the third time it’s happened:

I’m cruising along editing in Premiere Pro (CS3). Not content with the on-board auto-save, I hit CMD+S every few edits. Then out of nowhere, the wheel starts spinning. The wheel of death. I start sweating, is it thinking? OSX should tell you that it’s thinking instead of simply “not responding” then…

Premiere disappears.

The window pops up, “Premiere crashed unexpectedly.” No sh%$?

The difference this time is that open the project to the previous time I did any work on the project. Which, in my case, is usually the day prior. Why? I have absolutely no idea! It drives me nuts. Twice now the auto-save projects have kept me from losing a day’s work, but this most recent time, the auto-saves didn’t even exist! Premiere seems to rewrite itself, forgetting that I even did any work that day. Again, I’m not sure how, or why.

Is the problem that freaquent that I’ll stop using it? No. Again, it’s happened only 3 times in the last 5 months on this project. And this project is huge which is why I suspect this crash happens. Premiere just doesn’t like these really big projects.

So you know what I’m referring to as a “huge project,” mine look like this: over 200 video clips totaling about 20 hours of footage spread out over 3 timelines for editing 2 cameras,  3 more timelines of those nested edited timelines (I use these to go back and forth to AE- color and titles), and over 90 linked AE comps across three sessions.

The only thing I can think is that Pr, just doesn’t like these large projects. I’ve capped the total number of sessions (out of 14) to 3 per project. Any more than that and Premiere won’t even stay open. Was this fixed in CS4? Anyone even doing anything that big in Premiere?


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