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Premier CS3, Mac, and HDV

These are three things I can not find information on anywhere. Premier is still primarily a PC thing so working with AVI and MPEG’s are not an issue. On Macs however, it’s a different story.

My Problem: Premier pulls in HDV natively as an MPEG file. MPEG files as well with .M2T files from CF. However, when working with these files I get nothing but MPEG stream errors. It’s pretty much unworkable and intolerable; everytime I make an edit with one clip, a clip later in the timeline gets a MPEG stream issue or artifacts or bleeds from other streams. In fact, even with relinked media in a different format, Premier still THINKS it’s an MPEG file and causes issues. I’ve only ever found ONE comment on any online resources addressing the fact that Premier hates MPEG files on Mac.

My Solution. I start by batch converting my clips. I use MPEG Streamclip Converter by Squared5. This is an awesome little tool. I convert my files to QT using the Apple Photo JPEG conversion and scale it down to 720 since I don’t use anything more than that. In Premier, I open a project using DVCPROHD 720p settings. This outputs pre-render files in the timeline using something OTHER than MPEG. My files playback in the source pane smoothly and render quickly with so far, *knock on wood* no timeline artifacts of clip bleeding.


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