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Photos: 24 Hour MTB Race + Camera =

It was the shortest 24 hour race in Rapelje’s 9 year 24 Hour race hosting history.

We all got in a lap. Even my wife, who, unfortunately, ended being caught in the torrential dounpour. So the race was postponed twice until the rain through the night stopped the race completely. I however, occupied my time wandering around to different tents to see what everyone was doing when the couldn’t ride. I’ll have video up of that in the next couple weeks. Until then, here’s some photos:

My “bikicam” I got some fun shots from going handheld on the bike this during the LeMan’s start:

When I wasn’t riding, I was filming. Ran into a freelancer for BBC, Discovery and others. We talked shop. Everyone wanted to know who I was shooting for. Guys wanted to show off beer and bikes, and girls, um…no comment.

Doing some “hosting”

The end of my lap. Time? Yeah, slow, probably from the “carbonated beverages”

My wife’s bike after we got it yanked it from the mud.


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