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Well, it’s limited and crammed but I’ve got things packed for the Asia Project. Tomorrow morning I jump on a plane to Seattle followed by a plane to Tokyo then on to my final destination for stop 1 of the production in Asia.

The gear list is now neatly packed and compartmentalized in my Chrome bag (for reference, I have the Metropolis size- although, if I do any more travel like this, I’m probably going with the Kremlin) that will be with me wherever I go. It’s small enough to carry on, but big enough to fit all my gear. I’m using two Portabrace zippered, padded pouches for my Sony light, battery charger, Lexar CF reader and extra battery. REI ditty bags contain my cabling and please note the homemade padded sack for the camera. This was made by my wife and received much envious gazes from Rob who happened to be here at the time it was made. (My 17″ MBP and shotgun mic are buried in there too) I can still shoot if I lose my checked bag somewhere. That bag happens to have the tripod in it…I had to compromise somewhere.

I only made a few changes to the gear list: I’m not taking a boom, I’m only taking 4 HDDs (1TB a piece- I’ll buy a set when I get down there if I need more), no extra bulbs for the light, no extension cable, and I swapped my Canon Digirebel for my Sony Cybershot. A friend is taking her really nice Nikon so I’ll get pics from her if I need them. I also have 4 16GB and 2 8GB CF cards for footage. So I can shoot about 5 hours straight without having to transfer to HDD if I need to.

Unfortunately, I did not get the phone to use overseas, so no Twitter for me. Oh well. I’ll update when I log on. I have the good fortune of having internet if not high-speed internet at each of my destinations. So in addition to the written blog, I”ll be doing video blogs, or “vlogs” as well. Those will be featured here. Perhaps a day or two behind, but nonetheless available.

I will write again when I arrive in Manila. Thus beings the 3.5 week production of two separate but somewhat connected, unscripted, short documentaries on peacemaking and culture.


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